Des Johnston

Quality Assurance (QA) Controller

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Des joined Medovate in January 2021 and has 20 years experience in medical device development.

Having worked for a wide range of companies such as Smith & Nephew, Ranier Technology and Plexus Corporation, he has gained experience in a wide range of devices from orthopaedic and spinal implants to surgical robotics.

Working with both small companies as well as large corporations, Des has had an extensive exposure to the project management and quality assurance of medical devices, focusing in particular on design assurance to ensure products are safe and effective to use in the market place.

Des holds a Bachelors Degree in Systems Engineering from Napier University in Edinburgh. He started work in the medical device industry in 1998 as a Design Draftsman and progressed upwards into senior engineering roles focusing on project management. Most recently, Des transferred his skills and experience into design assurance and industrialisation of medical devices where he worked as a senior quality engineer for Plexus Corporation servicing customers in EMEA, APAC and the US.

At Medovate he is responsible for the control of quality assurance activities focusing on the implementation of systems intended to streamline the control of medical device development and facilitate the handling of the quality management system.