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Office Manager

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Meet the Team - Katherine Lee

Role: Office Manager
Started at Medovate:
14th January 2019

Katherine has worked for more than 25 years in organisation administration, with experience across the non-profit, public and private sectors in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. She joined Medovate at the end of 2018 where she oversees the daily operations of the organisation which includes finance, project management databases, company procedures, recruitment, and administration.

She talks us through her deeply varied role as Office Manager at the company.

What does a 'typical' day involve for you?
If Medovate was a bakery, my finger would be in every pie. I do a bit of everything. My main role as Office Manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the office, generally ensuring it functions efficiently, identifying process bottlenecks and providing solutions. There is a great variety to the role. It involves a mixture of routine tasks such as processing invoices, managing schedules, and developing systems, and also being available for anything that is thrown at me (for example taking part in a mock usability test for a device). It all keeps my day interesting.

What has given you greatest sense of achievement / pride while working at Medovate?
Finding new offices. We moved out of serviced offices into our own (it was like we were all grown up) which I think has been great as the company has grown, as it’s giving the business more chance to establish its own identity and brand presence. It’s also meant greater control and flexibility to make the space our own.

What's are the main challenges in your role (and how do you manage them?)
Having a deeper understanding of the product. I am not an engineer or scientist, but I love to know what is happening and what devices do. The world of medical devices is so vast and there are so many interesting innovations out there, so it’s great to see how and where the company is pushing the boundaries. My method is to keep asking questions.

What is the best thing about working at Medovate?
I feel that everyone’s contribution to the vision and to everyday tasks is valuable. There isn’t a hierarchy to get in the way of progress and achievements. It is always communicated that Medovate’s progress belongs to all of us, whether we are the person who negotiated and signed a contract, or the person who entered the contract onto the document software system.

Describe the Medovate culture in 3 words
Compassionate, transparent, trustworthy

And finally, a bit about yourself:

Favourite food:
Persian rice
Favourite film:
500 Days of Summer
What do you do to relax?
Movie script writing
Something your colleagues don't know about you?

I have been directed by Woody Allen in one of his movies (I was an extra).