SAFIRA® transforms Regional Anaesthesia into a one person procedure, removing the need for an assistant to operate the syringe for injection. Full control of the injection is put in the hands of the anaesthetist.

A built in safety mechanism also automatically prevents injection above 20psi, helping to reduce the risk of nerve damage.

Be confident you are in control

Anaesthetist controls aspiration and infusion via the SAFIRA® foot pedal

Intuitive to use, minimal training required and easy to integrate into standard practice

Vygon is the distribution partner for SAFIRA® in 60 countries, including the UK and western Europe

"In terms of control the ability to precisely deliver small doses of local anaesthetic is very desirable in the process of a regional block. From a safety perspective the fact that the injection pressure is limited to one below which the risk of permanent nerve injury is reduced is a very desirable feature for both patients and anaesthetists performing the block."

Dr Joseph Carter, Consultant Anaesthetist & co-inventor SAFIRA®