Medovate Clinical Research Fellow celebrated in Queen’s Birthday Honours list

9th July, 2019

Medovate would like to congratulate Clinical Research Fellow Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam, following her recognition in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours list for services to the healthcare industry. Maryanne has been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for her contribution in developing a number of innovative medical devices designed to improve patient safety.

As Clinical Research Fellow, Maryanne has worked closely with Medovate to develop a range of ground-breaking technologies, such as:

•Arterial Glucosave: a device that uses proprietary technology to alert clinicians if a glucose-containing solution is incorrectly attached to the arterial line;

•Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME): a life-saving breathing apparatus designed to prevent critical airway obstruction in intensive care and operating theatre settings; and

•Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia (SAFIRA): an end-to-end safety solution that gives anaesthetists enhanced data monitoring to ensure safe anaesthetic administration.

Maryanne, who works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn and is seconded to Medovate has specific responsibility for pre-clinical and clinical evaluation planning, clinical evaluation reporting and clinical engagement activities across Medovate’s product portfolio.

Stuart Thomson, Managing Director of Medovate, commented: “This award is testament to Maryanne’s unrelenting dedication, technical prowess and pioneering spirit, and we are incredibly proud to have collaborated with her and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn on a number of projects. Maryanne’s work and innovations have the potential to significantly enhance patient safety and we look forward to seeing these technologies in use in our hospitals in the not-too-distant future.”