Arterial GlucoSave

Developed with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust.

In intensive care and operating theatres, blood samples are frequently taken from arterial lines to measure a patient’s blood chemistry. Arterial lines are maintained with a saline flush solution, however if a glucose-containing flush solution is accidentally attached to the arterial line it can artificially raise the patient’s blood glucose. Without realising the error nursing staff may inappropriately administer insulin, resulting in the patient developing hypoglycemia that can lead to fatal brain injury. This administration error is reported approximately 3 times per month to NHS England. The National Patient Safety Agency have issued an alert highlighting the error and recommended the development of safety solutions to prevent this mistake.

Arterial Glucosave is a patient safety solution designed to prevent this error. It is designed to work with the normal blood sampling system to immediately alert clinicians if a glucose solution is erroneously attached, thus preventing patient harm. The Arterial Glucosave technology has utility in both arterial line and arterial blood gas sampling products.

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