SAFIRA® Influencer Program

Opportunity for specialists in Regional Anaesthesia: Join the Influencer Program and Make a Difference

An innovative way to get YOUR voice heard

Do you have news to share with your colleagues and peers or maybe have a specific opinion about SAFIRA: SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia?

Medovate is inviting specialists in anaesthesia and anesthesiology to share their insights and opinions about Regional Anaesthesia and SAFIRA® by becoming a part of a dedicated new Influencer Program* for SAFIRA®.

An honorarium will be provided for participation in this program. Further details are below.

Connect with your peers and apply to be a SAFIRA® Influencer today:

Complete the short online general enquiry form here or alternatively e-mail the Program Lead directly:

What does the Influencer Program involve?

There are various ways to join the conversation, chose whichever way suits you best.

  • It's quick and easy on social media: share a tweet or a post on your preferred social media platform(s)
  • Create a short video and share your experience of using the innovative SAFIRA® device
  • Become an e-Teacher (more details below)

Become an e-Teacher

Nothing is more powerful or insightful than watching an expert.

Medovate is providing an exciting new opportunity to become a 'SAFIRA® e-Teacher', enabling you to share your knowledge and expertise by producing a short presentation, animation or video about the use of SAFIRA® for the regional anaesthesia process.*


Please send us your proposal and we will be able to discuss with you its potential inclusion in a special new e-Learning section on our website.


* Influencer and e-Teacher Program - terms of participation: An honorarium will be provided for participation in the program; there are limited places available to participate and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis; Medovate reserves the right to have the final decision on participants admitted to the program

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