Pioneering Medical Technologies

Realising Potential

Medovate is a medical device company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technology.

Backed with £9 million of investment capital, Medovate identifies and works with high potential medtech innovations. We inject the specialist management resources and finance required to support innovation development through clinical trials and regulatory approval.

By providing funding and support at a crucial point in the development of innovative medical technologies, Medovate accelerates innovations to market in order to benefit patient care and healthcare delivery.

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Innovation Pipeline

Medovate’s project pipeline is fed through its UK network of NHS researchers and research organisations. As the 5th largest employer in the world, the NHS is a significant innovator of medical technology solutions with the potential to create real value and impact by addressing unmet clinical needs.

Medovate’s network also includes its NHS innovation hub partner, Health Enterprise East, who annually review over 200 early stage commercial opportunities which might be suitable for protection and development as high value medtech products. Health Enterprise East have a 12-year track record supporting medtech innovation.

Medovate’s current innovation pipeline focus is on intensive care, anaesthesia and surgical products.

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Medovate is an innovation development company dedicated to bringing novel medical technologies to market.