Medovate Announces Patent Grant for Innovative HME Device

22nd June, 2020

Medical device company Medovate Ltd, a manufacturer of innovative medical technologies created from within the NHS, has announced achieving successful grant of a UK patent for their HUMIDICARE® technology.

In development in partnership with NHS clinicians, HUMIDICARE® is a novel Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME), a life-saving breathing apparatus which has been specifically designed to help prevent critical airway obstruction occuring.

HMEs are used in intensive care and operating theatres to filter the air in patients’ breathing apparatus. The inadvertent use of a HME device with a heated humidifier in breathing circuits can result in increased risks of critical airway obstruction for patients which can lead to fatal consequences.

HUMIDICARE® has an integrated safety warning system, which alerts staff when it has been inadvertently attached to a heated humidified system, therefore helping to reduce risks to patients.

The grant of this UK patent is just one part of the intellectual property portfolio around this new technology.

New Business Development Manager for Medovate, Robert Donald said, “Securing the grant of this patent for HUMIDICARE® is another significant milestone in the development of Medovate’s technology portfolio which covers anaesthesia, airway, critical care and surgery. HMEs are used with approximately 5 million patients each year in the UK, and up to 100 million are used annually in the US and Europe, so our HME device has real potential to make a significant difference in helping to improve patient safety.”


Managing Director of Medovate, Stuart Thomson with a HUMIDICARE® device [Image credit: Keith Heppell, Cambridge Independent]

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