Medovate partners with Markomed to evaluate SAFIRA® in Croatia

18th June, 2021

Medovate is delighted to be partnering with Markomed to evaluate SAFIRA® (SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia) in Croatia.

Evaluations of SAFIRA™ will take place at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb and will assess SAFIRA™’s clinical performance and collate feedback from clinicians.

The innovative SAFIRA™ technology transforms regional anaesthesia, currently a two-person technique requiring an anaesthesiologist and an assistant, into a one-person procedure, giving anaesthesiologists full control of the injection at all times. SAFIRA™ has been developed in collaboration with consultant anaesthesiologists in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

With a built-in safety feature, SAFIRA™ limits injection pressure to below 20psi by automatically stopping injection, thereby helping to reduce the risk of nerve damage. An additional benefit for hospital and healthcare institutions is that the device also has the potential to help generate time and cost savings in a medical setting.

Chris Rogers, Sales & Marketing Director at Medovate said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Markomed to evaluate SAFIRA. Gathering further evidence around the ease of use and efficacy of this innovative device will help support the roll out of this innovative new technology for regional anaesthesia for the benefit of healthcare providers and their patients throughout Croatia.”

Kristina Harca, Director at Markomed said, “We are very happy and honoured to have the opportunity to introduce such an innovative product to our market. Medovate as a company matches exactly what we are looking for in our partners – new technologies, approaches and innovation and all with a goal to assist the physicians in treating their patients more safely and effectively. I am positive that SAFIRA will be recognised among the doctors as a “must have” tool in their everyday work and that it will bring regional anesthesia procedures to the next level.”

Founded in 2007 and based in Split, Markomed has established a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of innovative and modern technologies primarily in the fields of anaesthesia and intensive care. The company has as its primary goal the optimal outcome for patients, an ethos which aligns well with the values of Medovate and its innovative product portfolio for anaesthesia and critical care.