Medovate PPE Face Masks used by Motor Sport Medical Response Unit at British Grand Prix

11th August, 2020

Face masks designed by Medovate, a Cambridge based medical device company, in response to the coronavirus pandemic have been donated to a motor sport medical response unit which provided services at the British Grand Prix.

The new face mask is based upon a full-face snorkel mask and has a critical care ventilator grade Heat and Moisture Exchanger with Filter (HMEF) incorporated into the airway inlet.

A total of 50 masks were manufactured by Medovate, and 10 of these were donated to a motor sport medical response unit in the East of England. The masks have since been used by medical response team members at a rally hill climb event and the 70th Anniversary British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

In the current Covid-19 environment, motor sport medical response units are required to wear PPE at all events. Medovate’s face mask allows each individual team member to have their own dedicated mask which fits securely and comfortably. With the connection of a HMEF, the mask also provides an effective barrier against viruses.

In making the face mask a reality, Medovate approached the leading UK medical device company for respiratory support, Intersurgical, who generously supported the project by donating the required HMEFs, proven to protect against viral cross contamination.

Read more about the design and creation of the masks here.