Giving Anaesthetists Control

Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia gives anaesthetists control.

Product Description

SAFIRA®: Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia

Current regional anaesthesia procedures require two operators: an anaesthetist who holds an ultrasound scanner and uses this to guide the needle tip placement and a second operator to inject the anaesthetic solution at a required pressure. It has been reported that anaesthetic solutions are often injected at high pressure. High pressure can cause damage to nerve fascicles, with serious nerve damage occurring in up to 1% of procedures and transient nerve damage in up to 8% of cases.

SAFIRA® - Safer Injection System for Regional Anaesthesia - allows a single operator, an anaesthetist, to conduct the whole regional block at safer pressures.

Product Images

SAFIRA® driver and syringe SAFIRA® foot pedal operator

"During hands on demonstrations of SAFIRA at events including WAMM 2019, delegates were able to appreciate the ease of use, the engineered safety benefits and the convenience of their ability to retain control as a single operator during the performance of a nerve block."

— Dr Peter Young, Critical Care Consultant, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust