SAFIRA­® for veterinary applications

Take Control

Applying the benefits of SAFIRA® to Regional Anaesthesia in small animals

Take Control

SAFIRA® enables a veterinary professional to take control of infusion and aspiration during a regional anaesthesia procedure themselves without the need for an assistant.

A customised single use sterile syringe connects to the SAFIRA® driver, and a choice of foot pedal or palm operator enables the veterinary practitioner to control aspiration and infusion. This leaves one hand free to hold the block needle and the other hand to hold the ultrasound probe (if used).

The veterinary practitioner can judge for themselves the resistance pressure during injection and therefore immediately make any necessary adjustments.

The need to have an assistant is removed, along with the challenges of effectively communicating subjective 'injection feel' during a nerve block procedure.

SAFIRA® also has a built-in safety mechanism which prevents injection at pressures above 20psi. The device is calibrated to automatically stop injection once the predetermined pressure is reached during injection.

As the veterinary practitioner is the one in control of the injection process with SAFIRA®, they can immediately take the necessary action to check, make any amendments and continue with the nerve block.

Suitable for common nerve blocks

SAFIRA® is suitable* for single shot nerve blocks and is applicable to nerve blocks for orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures, including amongst others:

  • Brachial Plexus Block
  • Radian, Ulnar, Median Block
  • Femoral Block
  • Sciatic block

SAFIRA® injects at a rate of up to 0.5ml/s.

The SAFIRA® driver, foot pedal & palm operator are all re-usable and designed to perform 200 standard blocks before replacement is required. The proprietary SAFIRA® syringe is single use sterile.

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*SAFIRA® is currently approved for use in veterinary applications in the UK

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Introducing SAFIRA® The SAFIRA® system SAFIRA® foot pedal operator SAFIRA® palm operator SAFIRA® foot pedal operator SAFIRA® palm operator SAFIRA® is approved for veterinary applications in the UK